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Summer Plan

A simplified 12-week plan to savor the seasons of food & life

Feeding our families around the table has the power to be the
most fruitful opportunity
, but often is the most overwhelming thing we do.

As a mama of 4 little ones, I totally get it…

Getting healthy meals on the table while balancing all. the. things. is no small task

It seems like we just finish cleaning up one meal before we start planning the next one (not to mention the snack requests in between)

Have you ever felt…

  • overwhelmed by trying to balance budget, health, and convenience when trying to meal plan for your family?
  • the desire to be present in the moment without constantly thinking about what’s for the next meal
  • the desire to feed your family healthy meals (that everyone will actually eat) without losing your sanity in the process
  • the desire to bring joy back into dinner-time by not feeling ‘over it’ before you even begin, so that you can be emotionally present at the table with your loves
  • you could use some extra time by making shopping, preparing, and cooking more efficient
  • you’d like to eat seasonally, but don’t have the time to intentionally plan it all
  • you have decision making fatigue from the question of “what’s for dinner”
Heck yes! Show me the plan

4 phases of meal prep


On an ideal week, we spend about 30 minutes making a meal plan + grocery list that fits the budget, schedule, health, and preferences. But, the weeks we skip this step and ‘wing it’ ends up meaning more trips to the store, more money spent on take-out, and more stress!


It's here and we run into the store and grab a few things we don’t need and forget a few things we do, maybe for the third time that week for those 4’oclock “oh crap, what’s for dinner” grocery runs.


Our kitchen begins to look like the kids playroom as we rush to get dinner on the table and pull out all the things for the chopping, cooking, serving routine. We often come to the table 'stressed' and already 'over it'.


In true groundhog day fashion, we wipe counters, clean plates, and package leftovers with a prayer that they don’t turn into a science experiment in the fridge. We get the kids bathed and in bed, all to get up the next morning and do it all over again.




While a rhythm and routine looks different for every family, it IS 100% possible to MAXIMIZE the health of our food while maximizing budget, time, efficiency, and health.

Creating this level of simplicity requires intentionality. I created a method to consider all of these things so you don’t have to.


The Morph Meal Method Summer Plan

A 12-week seasonal meal plan to maximize your health, budget, and efficiency in the kitchen so you spend less time planning, purchasing, and preparing, and more time being present and available to the ones you love.

The plan includes…

  • A 12-week Summer Meal plan, which cycles a 4-week cycle menu (5 dinner recipes & 2 breakfasts each week) 3 times throughout the season to provide perfect balance of variety + familiarity
  • 60+ recipes using exclusively seasonal produce with simple steps
  • Organized Grocery lists for each week (most things can be purchased at local Farmers Markets)
  • Prep schedule & instructions using my Morph Meal Method to make meal prep super efficient
  • Pantry & Fresh Staples Inventory with recommended brands

Hello spare time, I’ve missed you…

  • Plan

  • Purchase

  • Prepare


All recipes are…

Naturally gluten-free, dairy light, and veggie heavy. Specifically designed to be high in God-given nutrients, all recipes contain only real food ingredients with healthy fats, and no refined sugar or additives.

Seasonal. The Summer Plan contains only fresh fruits and veggies that are in season during the summer, allowing you to take advantage of your local Farmers Markets—which has become a sweet family tradition for us.

Benefits of eating in season include:

  • Foods picked at the peak of freshness, which increases nutrients and taste!
  • Many locally grown, seasonal items are ‘better than organic’ (even when not “certified organic”) and aren’t sprayed with things we don’t want to eat.
  • Many farmers take care of enriching their soil which is a direct reflection of the nutrients in the food.
  • Buying local items supports farmers, local economy, and is tax free in most states
  • It is in rhythm with the body—research shows benefit to cycling foods, the way our ancestors ate


All dinner recipes serve 4-6 adults, or 2 adults and 3-4 kids). Depending on the number of people and appetites in your house, you may adjust accordingly. For our family of 2 adults and 4 kids (all under the age of 6), the serving sizes are the perfect amount to feed everyone plus have some leftover for lunches.

For a good variety of protein, each week’s dinner plan has: 3 chicken, 1 beef, and 1 fish recipe. Any protein can easily be swapped out based on preferences.

All recipes are created with kid (and hubby) taste buds in mind! They all contain familiar real-food ingredients.

Some favorites include:

  • Bruschetta Chicken
  • Gluten-Free Pancakes with Summer Fruit
  • Polynesian Flank Steak with Grilled Pineapple & Veggies
  • Summer Veggie Frittata
  • Mediterranean Chicken & Greek Pasta Salad
  • Mexican Pizza


Each week includes 2 breakfast options, designed for you to make in quantity to last your crew 3-4 mornings. We love making a large batch of breakfast (like these pancakes) on a Sunday or Monday, freezing them, and then being able to just warm them up to enjoy together the following mornings.

These slower mornings may allow time to sit around the table together for breakfast rather than being a short order chef! We have enjoyed reading or doing a morning devotional during this new-found time together.


The hands-on prep time (marinating, chopping, etc.) for most recipes is 15-20 minutes. Prep methods are methodically outlined in the Weekly Prep Guides to make your time most efficient.

The cook time for most recipes is on average 20-30 minutes, but usually doesn’t require all hands-on time.

There are a variety of prep methods used including quick sheet-pan meals, instant-pot (or crockpot) meals, freezer meals for bulk prep, and lots of summer grilling meals.

Most recipes contain money and time-saving tips at the bottom, allowing you to adjust based on your family’s budget and schedule. Those who have used the meal plan find that they spend less than their average grocery bill simply by having a methodical plan in place that reduces food waste.


Each recipe was created with extreme nutritional intention, designed to consider how to maximize the meals foods you are taking the time and effort to prepare.

Recipes were designed with intention to consider the science of nutrition so you don’t have to.

This includes…

  • Recipes call for the best oil depending on specific cooking methods
  • Inclusion of specific ingredients to marinades to help maximize nutrition and minimize potential impacts of grilling
  • pairing ingredients together that optimize nutrient absorption so you get the most out of your food
  • rotation of ingredients to give your body the spectrum of nutrients it needs
  • intentional variety of both fresh, cooked, and roasted vegetables to get the full realm of benefit from them


  • My Ingredient Swaps Guide to help you substitute specific ingredients to accommodate any specific dietary needs or preferences
  • A Summer Produce List printable—pretty enough to post on your fridge for a beautiful reminder of all the flavors of the season.
  • My Grilling Guide to help you make the most of your outdoor kitchen. Also, most recipes have tips and tricks on how to maximize your outdoor kitchen so you’re not heating up the kitchen.
  • A Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Guide with a list of my favorite brands and recipes depending on what you have time for and personal preferences.
  • A Rice Cooking Guide for quick & easy methods
  • My Customizable Summer Meal Plan printout that you can print and post on your fridge for all eyes to see. When someone asks what’s for dinner, just point to the list ☺ You can save this to keep and use forever and ever.
  • A Kitchen Equipment Guide to help optimize your efficiency and maximize your time! I don’t like unnecessary kitchen equipment, but a few good tools make a HUGE difference when it comes to meal prep.

The Morph Meal Method as seen on The Rachel Cruze Show


"We have LOVED Jenna’s Morph Meal Plan. First of all, it meant ONE grocery trip (okay, okay, Instacart delivery). That alone is a dream. Two, it was wayyy easier on the wallet because I didn’t overbuy trying to reinvent the wheel every night. I have loved not having the daily routine of figuring out what to make, realizing we don’t have half the ingredients, being frustrated, etc...this has simplified dinner and given me more time to enjoy the summer!"

Karli, mama of 3, Physician Assistant & working mom

"We are loving Jenna's Morph Meal Plan. The meals are yummy, healthy and simple. It has also saved me a lot of time. My whole family loves the recipes and we are wasting less food, since even left overs can be repurposed, and each ingredient is fully used at some point during each week. It was nice to do one grocery trip and have all of the planning already done for me. This plan can help the family who wants to eat healthier to do so, or the family who needs healthy options more simplified."

Liz, mama of 4, Stay-at-home-mom

"The Morph Meal Plan is making hectic mom-life a lot simpler. It’s helped me to experience that simple food doesn’t have to mean lacking taste or health. My whole family is loving these recipes, and I am loving the system that makes it easy for me!"

Caroline, mama of 4, Co-creator of "Good News, Sister" podcast


What is the Morph Meal Method?

The Morph Meal Method is my secret sauce to efficiently reusing leftovers and real food ingredients in creative ways to create healthy, tasty, restaurant-worthy meals.  The benefits include:

  • saves time in the kitchen by cutting down on prep time throughout the week
  • saves money by having a methodical plan of using ingredients, reducing food waste.  I find we are much less likely to do take-out when part of dinner is already prepared!
  • simplified grocery lists & shopping experience
  • increased nutrient content of foods because there are veggies hidden in most things!

Will my family (kids, hubby) like it?

When we had several families test the plan, one husband (with generally picky taste) said one of the flank steak recipes was “Top 10” meals of all time.  High five!

The recipes were specifically designed with kids (and hubby’s) tastebuds in mind!

Knowing that everyone has different tastes and preferences, you can absolutely customize to what your family loves with the help of the Ingredient Swaps Guide.

For picky eaters, you may consider offering the ‘deconstructed’ version of certain dishes.  For example, instead of fish tacos—you can serve the fish, peaches, and cheese tortilla all separately with broccoli on the side. This allows kids to try 1 bite of everything which makes them more adventurous.  I also suggest discussing how real food makes their bodies grow—kids love that!

TIP:  I have found that engaging kids in picking food at the Farmer’s Market and helping with preperation makes them MUCH more likely to eat it (even if it’s new to them).

How much are groceries each week? Can I find them at a regular grocery store?

On this plan, our average grocery bill for a family of 6 is $300-$350/week, which compared to other weeks, is a savings for us. I love getting most of my produce at the Saturday Farmers Market and getting everything else on Sunday.

99% of items can be found at your local conventional grocery store. Certain pantry items (ie monkfruit sweetener) may or may not be at your grocery store, but the Pantry Inventory sheet has links to where you can find this on Amazon, etc (often for cheaper).

What about food allergies or sensitivities?

The meal plan is naturally gluten-free, dairy-optional and veggie heavy. Dairy isn’t the main ingredient in any dish so can easily be left out or substituted with a dairy-free alternative. Other dietary considerations and preferences are suggested in the Ingredient Swaps Guide which is included.

Other dietary considerations and preferences—like nut-free options, or substitutions for fish are suggested in the Ingredient Swaps Guide as well.

What does it mean that the plan is "naturally gluten-free" and "dairy-light"?

Naturally gluten-free: The plan doesn’t contain any processed gluten-free items or gluten-free flour blends. Everything is made with simple real-food ingredients that don’t contain additives or weird ingredients.

Dairy-light:  There is minimal dairy in the plan, and isn’t the main ingredient in any dish so can easily be left out or substituted with a dairy-free alternative by using the Ingredient Swaps guide.

Other dietary considerations and preferences are suggested in the Ingredient Swaps Guide which is included.

What Kitchen Equipment will I need? Is a grill a must?

All meals are a combination of sheet pan, Instant Pot (or crock-pot), freezer meals, and lots of grill meals. The Kitchen Equipment guide will provide resources for all of these things.

If you don’t have a grill, the Grilling Guide will walk you through tips & resources for indoor ‘grilling’.

What format is it in? Is it available in printed form?

Currently, the plan is available in digital format, which will be sent to you immediately after purchase.  You can access it on computer or ipad, print it at home, or have it printed at a local printer like Kinkos or OfficeDepot.  If you print it at home, I recommend putting it all in a binder to keep it organized and accessible.  You could also get it bound with a cover at an office store for around $5!

Let me know if you’re interested in a printed version, as this may be something that we make available soon!

Oh Hey, I’m Jenna

I’m a functional dietitian, a wife, and mom to 4 small babes.

Before babies, my job was to fuel pro athletes. I taught them how to eat to help them perform, recover, sleep, and feel better. I made meal plans to accommodate their crazy buys lives. I helped them simplify their eating game so they could focus on their games that really mattered.

Then, I became a mom I realized that I needed all of that same stuff. I am in the game of helping families simplify food as a means and mission to love those both inside and outside our walls, all with budgets, yummy food, family traditions, and saving sanity in mind!

I created this book to bring grace and simplicity to meals—so you may savor the seasons of food and life around the table with the ones you love.

Show me the plan!